For sponsors, agencies, TV channels, distributors, dealers, and private individuals: the film is ready for sale! Please contact the head of the project on purchasing the film (copyright)
Line ID: djixsaider
Skype: dimasinkevich
+66-909155278   author
  +66800141810   (distributor Thailand) 
   +375296112858  (distributor Belarus)  
+380506609101  (distributor Ukraine)
+48503674988    (distributor Poland)

                                        Be a Sponsor so easy!

1. Call us (click link and you will answer our agents)

2. Write to us (by e-mail, chat, or any of the contact form on the website)

3. Everyone can help (Come to our online store(shop), choose your favorite items and order! All proceeds from sales go to the development of the project!)

During filming, we lost a bit of our combat drone, broken tripod, beat machine, 3 T-shirts  and generally the overall cost of large, we all glad those interested in our work!

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