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     I've been wanting to create the project, in the style of adventure. It was only idea in my mind. Later in 2007, I tried to give a "deadline" my idea, for successful result. At first I started to write a script, one, two, three years... It took a sample script as a type like reportage. Then I went through about 1,000 names, so there was AVANTURIST. This is an adventure movie of a man who is essentially a regular guy, a standard tourist. This man explore country, city, but involve in a history with the head, because the spirit of adventures is still present and does not sit still the main character. In addition to writing, of course there was also the work of the guide, and that daily trips, sometimes for 2-3 days. So I had to write a script in buses, on the move, in hotels, on the sea, on a boat, at night, on the way back, sacrificing sleep, overboard my other interests, and sometimes personal life. Then I began to search my team who could help me. So gradually we began to reach the goal all together.
    In the hottest month of the sweltering heat in Thailand in 2015, our team began our adventure. Hiding from the police, violating the laws controlling the aircraft, taking off, leaning half out of the car, sleeping on a bench railway stations and sometimes in the car, moving day and night shooting scene, as if nothing had happened, renting a bus and drove it into the dam, organizing pursuit rafting, running faster than the flow of the river Kwai, shooting elephants, which can not be simply shooting... We  did it! Hollywood don't shoot this places, which we visit , there where no one was getting out of the survey teams, where locals and find something difficult. Our journey takes us away to the north of Thailand, we visited the highest in Thailand waterfall - Tilosu in Tak province, the White Temple in Chiang Rai, we have found a traditional Thai house for a long time wandering and arguing, we met with thai hospitality , and local people  put the whole a plate of freshly prepared cicadas and we found new friends in the face of the whole village . We shot down the abandoned caves and climbing, sometimes squeezing along the cracks, more than 30 meters high and huge rocks, overhangs and a bunch of bats inside. In the sweltering, viscous, April heat, in the wild jungle, we found ourselves without water ... sending Pi San, several kilometers to get a drink, remember that around in a backpack I found a bottle of Pepsi, it was the most delicious Pepsi in the world !!!! (As advertising (Copyright) :). It is an adventurous shoot in hotels Bangkok, serpentines of Pitsunulok, riddles, we sawed painted, we started doing), Wat Khao Sukhim and the Monk- Chao Kun Yanavilat- it's all "AVANTURIST". Sure, we shooted only some part of the movie, but I hope on your suppose(sponsors) or kraunfinding system.
     Avanturist - it is a commercial project, which is scheduled to launch on cinema screens or TV channels. In the future, we already has 4 full script of the following films:

1. "Avanturist - Island - Phantom '' [Marshall Islands]
2. "Avanturist - Mysteries of Michelangelo" [Sri Lanka]
3. "Avanturist - DNA Secrets" [Belarus]
4. "Avanturist - Living life" [Cuba]
Of course, if there will be sponsors, it will be much easier to break, but our target will be achieved in any case.
Avanturist - This is not a show or serial, this is a cycle of adventure films. Our team even came up with a new trend or genre in cinema - Adventure Cinemasketch - it is like a feature movie part with elements of reportage from the characters themselves, but the art style while fully respected.
I am very pleased  those people who support us,  and very sad people who leave & left AVANTURIST project, people whose operator's skills were so needed at the crucial moment, and those who prefer to go home, instead of starting the project. I am glad that I met Daniel Korti, whom I barely knew, and we just worked together in tourism. He suggested to abandon the sequential shooting and take a full-length movie. Of course, there were small grater about reworking the script, filming, directing, and too many roles that I had, so I decided to give way to the director and to stay in the role of a producer, writer and the main character in the movie. In a future will be more projects to show its potential, it even warms up! I hope that the enthusiasm that wakes me in the morning, at night, does not let me sit on the ground, fixed ideas and inventions will preserve Ballance forces them correctly distribute and show to you what I can do!

                                              In front of the whole world and this is inside of us! It's only begining!

© 2013 by Dima Sinkevich. All rights reserved

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