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First of all, Travellers Club is the internet - magazine. Of course, the first journal editions in differing style, spacing and fonts, as soon as I made them :).
However, new issues will fully comply with all norms and canons of the printing style. Perhaps this is the color, that now can say "bad taste", then we will remember how all started).
The target of these magazines, believe primary sensations. That is, the game experience is fascinating in that moment, when you are in a specific location, city, country. It's like first love, first kiss, or the emotion of victory in any competition that is felt for the first time. So I hunt for these bursts. After all, a place that is familiar to us is interesting, but not as pristine feeling when we see it for the first time, which captures the spirit and does not let go until you pass it completely, entirely, plunged into  emotions. You do not believe the existence of such places? I'll prove it to you! So we start the hunt, the hunt for adventure and excitement in LiveJournal "Travellers Club". Go!
Want to know how much cost  artificial islands? And buy them officially? Do you know what means gikkon? Why hair in Asia is not recommended to wash local shampoos? Also, how much is lunch in the world's tallest building? Who sews clothes policemen in Thailand and who is shark Tommy?
Magazine "Travellers Club" - this is your personal guide who will strengthen the knowledge in theory and practice. You'll know that others do not.

 Travellers Club. Issue 1. Thailand

 Travellers Club. Issue 2. Pattaya 


 Travellers Club. Issue 3.  Laos

New magazine soon


 Travellers Club. Issue 4.  UAE


  Travellers Club. Issue 5.  South Africa

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