Our technical, art, shooting, creative , sometime are backstage team

Dmitry Sinkevich - alias (Dima Senkevich)

       Producer, author of the idea, screenwriter, assistant director and main role actor of the film "Dreamer. Mascot.Thailand". Founder MoonWalkerProduction (MWP).

"I took to make a film when I saw how much violence, horror and hatred we reveal, and how much people are destroying their own world, our planet. I hope that Avanturist will show full power and those feelings are demonstrated and shown in the film - kindness, love, friendship, nature, conscience and stunning, and wild places that did not get even Hollywood! You know, we were shooting "Avanturist" just on the move , can you imagine, if we give a professional team, the budget what we will make !? ".

30 years. Country - Thailand. "I don't have acting education, except that the shooting in the crowd, playing in the Youth Theatre of BSU (Belarusian State University Teathre ) and the professional game in Comedy - 9 years (the organizer, Captain, writer, coordinator, frontman). I am self-taught and I like to think unconventionally, the movie is work, you create the painting, frame by frame. "

2016- graduated by St.Petersburg school of Television&Filmaking (Main Director)

2016- best video of "Refuggees" for United Nations Union

2016 - winner of Best Video "Intercultural Communications". Italy
2015 - Shootings "Dreamer.Talisman"
2012 - creator of the series of amateur online travel journals "Travelers Club Dmitry Sinkevich," as well as the founder of the group in the social networks "Travellers Club" (13,000 members).
2011 - Founder musical brand DJ IXSAIDER.
2011 - winner of the online voting (1 place) modeling contest Mammoth Fest
2009-2010 - bronze medalist of the league of Comedy BSU
2008 graduated from the Belarusian State University, Faculty of International Relations, specialty translator, tourism, diplomat.

In my day born: Mozart, Bernard Shaw, Stanley Kubrick.

Daniil Stenin - alias (Daniel Korti)

 Director, screenwriter and actor. Founder KortiStudio

"I'm worried about our project "Avanturist" with all my heart, I wish  development of the project. This has been a difficult job, and it is still unfinished. I'd like the film to see the audience not only our country, but also abroad. This is a rare place, a good story, a segment of our life. "

33 years. Country Russia-Thailand.

2015 - "Talisman Avanturist Thailand"

2015 - Maybeline advertising - role in the episode.
2014 - Kuwait listing BANK - the role of the waiter, advertising "Holywood HDTV" role - TV watcher, advertising "Ikea", advertising "Virgin Active" the role of the scientist,
2007 - advertisement "Eldorado", the TV series "Soldiers" cameo - the driver,
2007 - TV series "Next" engineer,
2007 -Works engineer Production studio - "Teleformat" casino "Mirage", while studying starred in "A Celebration of the Russian Army" as a soldier, Irina Vasilyeva "Empty space" main role, Igor Tverdohlebov "Phantom Pain", the film "Mama" in the episode, dir. Kolosov, fotopost in "nunchaku" fotopost magazine "Black Belt", the film "Dream" role of the first directed plan. Sokolov,
2006 - Worked in the Moscow Puppet Theater,
2005 - graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow, Acting Department,
2003 - worked as a paramedic ambulance

In my day born: Nikolai Lobachevsky, Amoyak Hakobyan, Woody Allen.

Juliana Mikolutskaya

The actress, a photographer.

"Avanturist - this is our baby, we're all rooting for him, I'm glad that it happened with me I think the film has a chance to be in the top.!"

+/- 18 years :) Country Belarus.

2016- is a unique specialist "Jews in Belarus," to create the group in the social networks. Belarus: Herritage, Roots, Ancestry.
2015 - Project "Avanturist.Talisman.Thailand"
2011 - winner of Mammoth Fest - photographer in the nomination. Also, a photo exhibition in Warsaw and Minsk - "Ordinary people" and Vilnius - "The Outsiders." Won competition from the mobile operator Velcom, for photographic works - "Volkovysk".
2009 - The Belarusian Society of Designers - photographer.
2009 - European State University, "Theory and Practice of Modern Art" in the specialty journalist, an expert and photographer.
2009 - work in the BBC Radio Journalist - radio journalist,
2005 - Graduated from Minsk State Linguistic University as a translator.
2003-2004 - School of Paris "Ecole Des Roches" and "Centre Culturel Europe-Asia" specialty French language and civilization.

In my day born Vasily Shukshin, Andrei Kharitonov, Claude Zidillen.


Alex Chanturia

                                                      Operator, the photographer.

"I suddenly or spontaneously appeared in the project and want to say that this movie have so many interesting places untouched and wild , and the fact that we did - it's just jumped higher than  head."

34 years. Country Georgia, Thailand.

2015 - Project "Avanturist.Talisman.Tailand"
2014 - an actor of dubbing in the "Radio Commersant" Georgia
2004-2008 worked in the salon "Faith" stylist, makeup artist, then moved to Thailand, where he worked in various fields of tourism business (hotel industry and individual tours).
2005 - correspondent for the online edition of the "New Religion"
2004 - editor-chief "First Business" magazine,
2004 - studied at the Multiethnic Resource Center for Secular education in Georgia.
2003 - worked in the newspaper "Free Georgia" correspondent,
2002 - Graduated from the International Youth University "Tbilisi", specialty International journalist.

In my day born: Anatoly Tarasov, Reginald Rose, Nikolai Nekrasov

Dmitry Dzuba - alias (Diamond-D)

Sound director, cameraman, actor.

"I do not  participate in the project, because I dind't know Dima yet, but he knew Daniel and I know that the guys went to shoot a feature film  also left a small part of my props and equipment :) I hope to participate in future projects and remember.. - The main is rehearsal :) "

36 years. Country Russia-Thailand.

2010 - HB Designer (Freelancer)
2010 - Sound in collective singer Eugene Valevich (Jewish pop).
2010 - Russian World Studios (TV series "My neighbors") installation assistant director,
2008-2010 - Film telenovel (Serial "Next" and "Invisible Man") Assistant Director,
2003-2009 - Casino Mirage - audio-video engineer.
2002 - Studied at the Institute of Steel and Alloys, but realized that was not mine. Played Comedy, professional play guitar. Character: crazy, but fun ...

In my day born: Jake Gyllenhaal, Til Schweiger, Leonid Brezhnev


Nastassia Kashchyshyna

Script coordinator, a lawyer, an actress.

"Avanturist - a new level, and a whole new turn of the product of the national cinema, which can take our films to another stage of development of the scenario, plot, ideas. This is a way of expression for the young team, to do something with their hands or handmade instead, churning out remakes of old movies, even without changing the essence of the story and Dima S. has many ideas and ambitious plans, and what I know - these plans are grand!

18)) Country: Belarus.

2016 - graduated from the International University "IILSR" in specialty international lawyer, a lawyer.
2015 - Assistant Consultant "Avanturist.Talisman Thailand."
2015 participated in international competitions in their commercial arbitration. Willem Vis (22 Willem C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot) in Austria and Serbia.
2014 - Member of the international project "International youth camp in Georgia", Kvarreli, Georgia.
2007 - the film "Homeland or Death" Alla Krynitsina - role in the episode.
2006 - Winner of competition of the new children's song "Birthday". Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2005 - Winner of the diploma named Yu Gagarin for taking part in a celebratory concert at the House of cosmonauts in Star City. Russia. Winner of the international television marathon "Baltic-transit Jurmala 2005". Riga, Latvia.
2005 - Diploma for highly performing at the festival of the Union State "Young Creativity". Moscow, Russia.
2004 - Member of the beauty contest among juniors. Winner of the title "Princess of the world 3". Grand Prix in acting. "Svit talantiv", Kiev, Ukraine. Diploma of the winner of the international festival of performing arts in the nomination "The best advertising campaign of the person"; "Brand Obrah XXI century". Diploma winner of the media image of the international festival "The best advertising campaign of the person."
2003 - Winner of the Special Presidential Fund for the Support of Talented Youth. Winner of 2 bronze, 2 gold medals and two cups of absolute world champion at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Cape Town, South Africa.
2002 - London, Barnstepl Summer School

In my day born Taras Shevchenko, Robert Fisher, Yuri Gagarin

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